The Christmas Aftermath

Well now Christmas has been and gone, I have had to find homes for all C and D’s new toys.  Although C didn’t get “toys” as all she wanted was variations of stationery (she loves to write) so we have had to find homes for 50 writing pencils (I kid you not) 60 gel pens, how to write a story book, a grammar and punctuation book, a new desk, a type writer ( from nanny and grandad) 5 new books ( not that she needed more) So this week will be spent clearing her bed room back out and rearranging her room to fit all her new stuff in.  I’m looking forward to making her a nice writing nook and getting her a pin board type thing to go behind her desk so she can pin different ideas and pictures etc.


In D’s case, she got lots of bath toys, a little tikes shopping trolley that has the car on the front for her baby. She loves this toy and has been pushing it around our small living room ever since Christmas Day and when I say pushing it around I mean tipping it on its side and climbing through the window and standing there looking all proud of her self.

Now this baby is very …. active shall we say and likes to get into every space possible. The day after Boxing Day, she got her hand stuck in her shape sorter 5 times in the space of an hour. Now this wasn’t fun as she just stands and shouts and we couldn’t work out why, until she lifted are arm and the shape sorter was on the end of it. Now you shouldn’t laugh but we did, I won’t lie.


Now our living room looks like a small toy store but there isn’t anything we can do about that as her bedroom is to small for her toys to go in there.
I was very spoilt as I got a brand new sparkly Kenwood K-Mix as my old one went bang a few months ago. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did as I used it 4 out of the 7 days a week pretty much every week. I used it Christmas Day to mix my Yorkshire puddings and I have to say it was lovely not using a £15 hand held mixer anymore.


I also got a new bottle of Disaronno in the limited edition cover. I now have three of these limited edition bottles. They take pride and place on a shelf in my kitchen.

3 Disaronno bottles sitting on a shelf.

I also got the mandatory Christmas pyjamas, since I have been with  my husband for 10 Christmases I now have quite the collection. I have to say they are my favourite thing to get. I normally get pjs for every occasion as I just love them.

Who wouldn’t love animals in winter jumpers

Now im rubbish at buying gifts, so my poor S got

1- call of duty (he brought this for me to give him)

2- a fancy shoe care kit (he works away sometimes) from M+S

3- a San Miguel glass and bottle set ( he wanted this)

4- Pjs from Tesco. I love flannel bottom ones so he always gets these.

5- jogging bottoms (he choose these)

6- game of thrones calendar.

Now I have always been really bad but I maintain that he buys everything he wants all year so come Christmas there isn’t anything left to get him. He knows this and knows I struggle so that’s why he brought the game a month go and left it in the draw for me to wrap.

Now Christmas Day was a first for my family as my parents didn’t stay at home and host all 14 of us. I invited my parents and my youngest brother to our house for Christmas Day dinner. This was the first time in 28 years they had dinner somewhere else. Now the pressure was on.

But it was a huge success. Dinner went perfect, everything got to the table hot and not burnt lol. We had turkey and lamb, with roast potatoes, mash (for my brother) sweet corn, sprouts (gross), parsnips, carrots, peas and broccoli. Oh and not forgetting the most important part of the Christmas Day dinner the pigs in blankets. We also had Yorkshire puddings. Now it’s my understanding that not everyone has Yorkshires on their table with Christmas dinner but in my family these are almost as important as pigs in blankets.  I follow a BBC recipe and I find they come out prefect every time. If you would like to try out the one I use you can find it here.

Boxing Day was S’s mum, sister, her partner and little girls turn to come for dinner. Now we had something different on this day ( I don’t really like turkey) so we had gammon (which I had never cooked before) and a chicken from Tesco that you cook in a bag (you can’t really go wrong) and then all the trimming again with the addition of red cabbage and cauliflower cheese. Neither of which I don’t eat.  We had the most delicious pate from marks and Spencer’s for starter both days. For the Gammon I used a other BBC recipe, which can be found here.

I must Christmas dinner at home is wonderful and really enjoyed cooking both days and it meant the girls got to play with their stuff all day.


I did give a couple of crochet gifts this year. One to my husbands niece and one to his mum. His niece chose a paid pattern on Etsy which can be found here. I did change it up a bit and do my own border. I just did a basic “v” for 4 rounds and then 6 double crochet shell round in each of the 4 colours I used. Our niece loved it so much she walked around he house all day with it wrapped around her.


Now my mother in law got an Attic 24 cosy stripe blanket which can be found here. I did it in shades of purple to match her living room. This was meant to be single bed size but I made it to wide so I turned it into a sofa throw instead. So it now will be placed on the back of her sofa and can be used as a blanket if she gets chilly in the evenings.


Our Christmas tree has seen better days and now has no baubles on it as D keeps pulling them off. I’m actually looking forward to taking it down. Which is a shame as it normally does stay up for the 12 days but I don’t think I can take the stress of trying to keep the baby away from it.

Our poor naked Christmas tree.

Now I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Christmas, in the next couple of days I’m going to do a New Years resolution post both for day to day goals and crochet goals.


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