Chevrons and Snowman.

I have just finished the most adorable blanket and snowman snuggle sack for an old work colleague ( who welcomes her first grandchild this week).

She chose a blanket I had previously done but a smaller version of it. Now when I am the big one I said never again as there was about 25,000 single crochet stitches and toke me around 40 hours to complete. But when she said she only wanted it crib/ Moses basket size, I happliy agreed.

Now I used Sarah-Jaynes from Bella Coco’s pattern (which you can find here)  but I did change it. Instead of going through both loops of the single crochet I only went in the back loop to give the blanket a stunning ribbed look and a amazing texture.

Full length picture

Now I only finished this, this morning and my old work colleague is picking it up tomorrow.  As I had some of the blue yarn left over I also made a little hat and booties to match the blanket.

Complete set- Blanket, Pom Pom hat and matching booties.

I used 4 shades of blue from the stylecraft special DK range.

I used a 4mm hook.

Pattern as follows for a newborn

1- chain 16

2- In the second chain from the hook (not counting the loop on the hook) do a single crochet. Single crochet to the end. Chain 1 and turn. (15)

All rows from now will be in the BACK LOOP.

3- Single crochet in the back loop along he row (15)

repeat until desired length.

Once you have reach your desired length fold your piece in half and crochet the two ends together with either a slip stitch or single crochet which ever you find easier. Fasten off.

With the join facing out ( it will be hidden when folded up) attach your yarn. I added a new colour here.

This part will be worked in rounds.

1- draw up a loop and single crochet around your ribbed “circle”. Slip stitch to the first single crochet.

2- 3 chain 1 and do one half double in each stitch around. Join with a slip stitch to the first single crochet.

On row 3 before you change colour during the slip stitch. Finish the last stitch and then get your new yarn. When you put your hook through to slip stitch grab your new yarn and complete the slip stitch. Now cut your old yarn leaving a long enough tail to crochet over.

Now I like to tie my colours together after pulling my slip stitch tight. I just feel like it’s more secure.

Round 4- chain 1 and do 1 half double crochet in each stitch around. While doing this make sure your crochet over your yarn tails. Slip stitch to first half double crochet

Round 5-6 repeat round 4

At the end of round 6 you will change colour again.

Round 7-10- repeat round 4.

Once you have completed this you will have a tube like piece of work.

Turn your work inside out.

Get a tapestry needle and a length of yarn in the same colour you have just used and go in and out of the stitches in the top round. Once you have done this you need to pull tight so the work closed up and do a couple of double knots making sure the hole in the top is as small as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t get it closed all the way as you will be putting a Pom Pom on top.

Turn your work back out the right way.

Its now time to make a Pom Pom. I now use the clover Pom Pom makers as they are so easy and quick to use.

Make your Pom Pom and attach to the top of your hat. I do this by pulling the two ends through the hat either side of the “hole” then going inside and pulling tight on the ends and then making several knots and then pulling them back out next to the Pom Pom and cutting them short. They then look like part of the Pom Pom.

Now you have a finished hat.

Finished hat.

For the booties I used a you tube video but changed the way I did the cuffs.

The YouTube video can be found here.

When the lady does single crochet round and half double crochet round. I change colour again so now I change colour and then I just did half double crochets for 3 rounds. Change colour again and then do front and back posts half double crochets for the next 3 rounds.  I did this for more a textured look.

Finished booties

The other part of her order was a snowman snuggle sack. Now I had never made one before so thought I would give it a go. I used a paid pattern from Etsy which can be found here.

Snowman snuggle sack

Now I loved this pattern and design.

I used James C Brett flutterby in white and then Red and White from the stylecraft special Aran.

I did change the pattern and stitched the eyes and mouth instead of using buttons.

Now this little Christmas baby boy is going to be very lucky to have these snuggly crocheted items.

Let me know what you think.


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