New Years Resolutions

Well I hope you are all feeling a little worse for wear this morning after the celebrations of last night. We just had a quiet one at home with our girls. We had a party last year but just wanted some peace after Christmas.

So I said in my last post that i was going to set some life and crochet goals for this year. Now my life styles goals are pretty much what everyone says they are going to try and do but I have 3 main goals for my life but these are broken down into little more achievable (i think) goals.

  1. Be a better housewife.

Now i know this sounds like a strange one but I really dislike housework and everything it involves, so this year coming I am going to change my attitude towards it. Now dont get me wrong I do the housework but its the bear minimum. So what I have done is drawn up a checklist of things I need to do each day. This may seem really simple but it will keep me focused on the things i need to do instead of being distracted (which happens all the time) S blames the internet LOL.

2. Look after myself better.

By this I dont mean going on a diet etc but i want to stop drinking fizzy drinks again as i have slipped into the dangerous habit of drinking A LOT of it again. I want to look after my skin more and find a good cleanse/ tone/ moisturiser routine, that works for my skin. I want to eat better, at the moment I’m really fussy, so I want to try other foods and just generally eat better. Now since I have passed my driving test 4 years ago i have become very lazy and dont walk anywhere. So as part of this goal, I want to go out for more walks with D while C is at school. I baby wear so the extra weight will help me burn more calories.

3. Do my hair and make up more often!!!!

I am not a girly girl. I do not do my make up every day or my hair. 90% of the time my hair is in  messy bun and I have no make up. im not very good at wearing make up and my make up bag has like 4 things in. Its that bad I had to ask my “Besties” to help me out when we went to Liverpool. By that I mean show me how to do my make up. So part of this goal will also involve purchasing some make up.


So on to my crochet goals, since so this is meant to be a crochet blog.

I have 3 crochet goals this year and I must say im looking forward to doing these.

  1. Take part in CAL as it happens.

I know I’m doing the Gilmore Girls CAL but i want to do one as it happens with everyone else.

2. Learn a new stitch every month

This should be easy as there is lots of new stitches I would like to try. One of them is Bella Coco’s block stitch.

3. Design my own baby blanket.

I know there are loads of baby blankets out there but I want to design something special and I just cant find the right pattern.


So please share your goals for 2017 with me in the comments.


7 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

    1. Happy new year to you. Hope you stick to your goals. Maybe you should go for a run in the park! Cant wait to read some more of your blog!


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