Favourite baby blankets

I love making baby blankets but there is not enough people I know having babies. I learnt to crochet when I was pregnant with my youngest and made all her blankets and have not stopped since. So here are my favourite so far with the patterns so you can all have a go.

My most favourite is the ‘Call The Midwife’ blanket or CTM as most people call it. It was taken from a blanket that was shown on the show Call the midwife, which is shown on the BBC on a Sunday night. The pattern is from Little Monkeys Crochet and can be found here. This blanket was made following a written pattern, it was the first time i had ever followed a written pattern and I had only been crocheting less than 2 months. I made this blanket in yarn I got from Poundland, it was 3 balls for £2 and if i remember rightly I purchased 6 balls, so cost me a grand total of £4. It is the most lovely colour pink with a glitter thread running through it. We used it as her going home blanket on her car seat. It has been through the wash countless times and is still in prefect condition.


My very first blanket was a blanket for my eldest daughter. It was a continuous granny square. I used Hobbycraft’s Womens Institute yarn in soft and silky. I used Bella Coco’s video tutorial. I watched this video about 100 times until i finally got it. The tutorial can be found here.



The very first blanket I made for D while I was pregnant was to match C’s granny square. This was only the second blanket I had made and again I used a Bella Coco video tutorial. This was a corner to corner blanket and I changed colour. I also made a two cute little flowers that i layered on top of each other and put a button in the middle. I do not remember where I got the flower patterns from but they were video tutorials, as I could not follow a pattern then.


My next favourite is a blanket I made for one of my besties when she was pregnant with a yellow bump. They had painted the nursery a minty green and loved all thing vintage. I found this beautiful diamonds pattern that I had to try and I’m so glad I did. I have a problem of making my blanket quite big but I like the idea of them lasting them longer than a few months. Here is the pattern link.


Now I had made one star blanket before but when my cousin announced he had had a baby girl, i thought this was the prefect time to make a other star blanket. Now this is my favourite star blanket because of the yarn. I used Poundland yarn again but this one is a multi coloured yarn with the most lovely colours in it. this blanket was only one and a bit balls big as I could not get hold of any more of this yarn. To make it a bit bigger I used some pale pink yarn I had in my stash to make it a bit bigger. I used my clover Pom pom maker to make some super cute pom poms for the points. This blanket is big enough for car seat or pram. I used three video tutorials for this blanket. Again they were all Bella Coco tutorials. The first was for the centre of the star, to then make that star into a blanket you need to use this tutorial. I then did the crab stitch border that again was a Bella Coco tutorial.


I love a ripple blanket, the first one I ever made was for my bestie’s niece, when she was born. My bestie chose pastel pink, lemon and white. I followed Lucy from Attic 24’s neat ripple pattern. I made this blanket about 1m square. I love an over sized baby blanket. The border is a triple picot border which again is a Bella Coco tutorial. I think it just finishes it off nicely. I have done many colour variations on this blanket but this one is still my fave.


The one I’m going to tell you about is one you have already seen, if you have read Chevrons and Snowman post, but this was the very first Shades of Blue Chevron blanket I made. I again used the Bella Coco Chevron video tutorial (her tutorials are so easy to follow). I now use her written pattern when I make this blanket. I used 4 shades of blue and then white in the middle. I used all stylecraft yarn here.


I hope you have enjoyed looking at all my favourite baby blankets. I’m hoping more people I know will have babies soon as I have many more patterns on my to try list now.


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