Gilmore girls- Pop tart and Dragonfly Inn

I have been a very bad blogger as I haven’t blogged about my progress with the blanket.

My progress has been very slow the last two weeks as its been manic here and I’ve been trying to be a good housewife and doing all my housework before I crochet. I also have learnt to knit as well. I’m not doing to bad.

Well back to my Gilmore girls CAL blanket. I have managed to complete the Pop tat square and I’m just over half way through the dragon fly.

The Pop tart square was very easy compared to the Gazebo square. I really enjoyed making this square as pop tarts are my favourite snack. I love them lightly toasted with a nice cup of tea.


For the pop tart, I again used a 3.5mm crochet hook and did this square in a normal corner to corner.

I used Stylecraft Speical DK in the following colours and amounts.

Fondant 1241- 24g used

Lipstick 1246- 2 g used

Camel 1420- 22g used

For the frosting part of the pop tart I coulnt find anything I liked in the Stylecraft range, so off I went to my local wool shop aka my favourite place and found James C. Brett Rainbow baby DK in shade RW10. It gives it a very subtle sprinkle effect.



If you would like to try the Pop tart square or follow any of the other patterns you can find them on the Chaos and Chop Suey blog here.

Here is a sneaky peek of my half finished Dragonfly Inn square. if you could like to complete this square, quicker than me. then the graph can be found here.


I am truly loving working on this CAL. I have never done a CAL before and once i finish this I think I will be trying to find a other. Although i have a big birthday present to make before April, so I doubt I will have time this half of the year.


6 thoughts on “Gilmore girls- Pop tart and Dragonfly Inn

  1. I love it! I’d love to make this blanket for a friend. I’m glad you found a yarn to work for the pop tart. James C Brett is a yarn I want to try but I have to order online only I think. (I admit I haven’t looked too hard. I just Googled it once to look at the colors) I always see lovely c2c done with the marble chunky yarn.


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