Bedroom decoration ideas.

Our bedroom has never been decorated, so I would like to to give it a bit of a freshen up. At the moment we have an orange light shade we have had for about 5 years, we got it from BHS and that is the only bit of colour in there.

I love yellow and was thinking of bringing into our bedroom. So I’ve been on a virtual shopping trip to see what i could find. My first stop is Dunlem and I have found a lovely duvet cover (I love grey and yellow together) and I didn’t think it was to expensive either. Kingsize duvet only £22 and you can collect in store after 3 hours (of course if the store is open).


I also found some lovely cushions to go on our bed. S hates cushions but these would finish it off lovely. Again these are from Dunlem, the PomPom one can be found here and the grey one is only the cover but can be found here.

That’s the bed dressed but I feel the wall above our bed needs some thing as we don’t want to paint or wallpaper. So I hopped over to Next home online to see what they had to offer. I found some very pretty yellow accessories. I like the idea of having multiple photo frames on one wall and them being all different. So I have found these ones which I think would look really cool together.

We don’t have any wedding pictures up yet, it’s really bad as we have been married for 3 years this year. So these would look really pretty in these frames.

I also found a few extra bits that i thought would finish off our bedside stables and window sill.

I just love the kissing birds, I think these will have to go on our window sill.


I’m really looking forward to putting these together and seeing how well it comes together.


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