Day in the life of…..

So a “day in the life of” is basically a vlog (video blog) of what you do during the day, it’s pretty much self explanatory, but it’s something I hadn’t really heard of before. Sure I have watched all Sarah-Jayne’s Vlogs from Bella Coco and that is mainly because I love her crochet tutorials so naturally I wanted to see what she got up to. If you haven’t watched them they  are worth it. I didn’t really know mums did them as well.

I am in a small group on Facebook, which I joined when I was planning my wedding to S. so I have been in this group since December 2012. We sometimes do live videos about our lives and our children, but one lady suggested we should all do a “day in the life of” video.

Well I was thinking this is the prefect challenge for me as part of my resolutions was to be a better housewife. I was thinking that this would drive me to do more around the house as I would be videoing what I was doing.

My day wasn’t very exciting but I really enjoyed making the video and they saw me go off to the school run, to Tesco to get supplies for a cake I was making, to the cake shop for boards and clearing away the junk that had built up on my kitchen side. They also got to see how much of a trouble maker our youngest is. As she was up on the window sill or trying to climb on our PC. They also got to see a sneak peak of the pop tart square for my Gilmore girls blanket.

The ladies did get to see me on a time lapse decorate my cake, it went from a very strange shape buttercreamed to the Bomb angry bird.


I don’t know if it would be something I would do again as I don’t think my life is very interesting. All I seem to do is house work, I don’t do much “fun” stuff during the week.

If any of my followers have any good vlogs on YouTube, that they would like to share please feel free to do so and I will check them out.



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