Gilmore Girls CAL- 2 more squares

This last week has been so manic I didn’t know if I was coming or going, so progress has been very slow. I have to admit I have done them slightly out of order. So I have done Coffee, Coffee, Coffee from week 2 and the town Gazebo from week 3 . All because I thought I had ordered red for the jam of the pop tart but I hadn’t and the colour I had was far to dark. So that will be done next week.


For Coffee, Coffee, Coffee again I used stylecraft special DK and a 3.5mm hook.

I used-

Citron-1263-  51g

Lipstick-  28g

Black  1002- 4g

Dark Brown  1004 – 4g


For the Gazebo I used

Cloud Blue 1019- 49g

Burgundy 1035- 5g

White 1001 – 14g

Graphite 1063- 11g

Meadow 1065- 7g

Dark Brown 1004- 1g


This time I was brave enough and used bobbins and OMG they are great and I will be using them for ever more. I didn’t do anything fancy with regards to the bobbins, i just balled up some yarn every time I needed a new colour. You can see my method in one of my pictures.


Next week I hope to complete the Dragonfly Inn or the Poptart square. I will either get one or the other complete but I dont think I will get them both done as I have a Angry Bird cake to make for a friend.

So heres to Coffee, Coffee, Coffee ( I dont even like coffee).


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