Big project for 2017!

So I need a project for 2017.

I joined a group on facebook for the Gilmore Girls CAL. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it before Christmas as I had a lot of orders. Now I think I’m going to knuckle down and get on with it. I have now watched all the episodes in the old seasons about 4 times and the revival only once. So my plan is to watch the revival again while I do the graphs.

Now I ❤️ the Gilmore Girls is my fave to binge watch. Who couldn’t love the scatty Lorelai or the very clever Rory.


Now the designer of the Gilmore Girls CAL is Angela from Chaos and Chop Suey. Here is the link to the Blog where the patterns are released.

These patterns are free and Angela has kindly allowed me to link to the blog every time I do a new square.

I will  NOT at any point post the graph of the square.

What I will do is a blog post after I have completed each square with the colours I have used, as I intend on using stylecraft special DK as I am in the U.K.

Now I have never done a “graphgan” let alone a CAL. So you all will be following me on my own journey. I am going to take progress photos of each square and you will see all my fails and successes (if there are any) as I go.

I am hoping to get one square a week done in between other projects so next year you will see maybe 2 or 3 posts a week with updates.

Now if anyone would like to join me in this journey the graphs can be found here.

Please hashtag us in your projects.

#chaosandchopsueyGGCAL and #crochetedbymum


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