So in my very first post I mentioned that when we got our tree down it didn’t have any legs. ( well it had one, the other 3 where missing)

We managed to get a new one on Sunday. So that’s what we spent our day doing. Now our one year old D spent the whole time trying to take all the decorations back off the tree when our backs were turned. This is still happening 3 days later.

Our wonderful tree straight after it was finished. It now doesn’t look this good.


So the eldest C breaks up from school on Friday and I must say I’m really looking forward to not getting up and rushing around at 7am. To keep her entertained during the 5 days before the big day I have decided to do a treat bag, where there will be all sorts of things wrapped up in there for her to chose from each day.

My thinking was there could be a messy activity for example making peppermint creams or film day with our Christmas faves. I’m also going to put some red/ white and green yarn in there so she can make some chains to use as napkin rings on Christmas Day.

So I popped to M+S and found the most perfect hessian bag that has Santa on the front to put all these activities in. I even brought the matching Santa wrapping paper to wrap them in.

Enter a caption

One of our traditions is new pjs on Christmas Eve. So today I went out and got my girls matching pjs from Tesco. They are the cutest things.


Now you can’t say these aren’t the cutest pjs ever.

Now I would love to hear your Christmas traditions new and old.


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